Quest for the Pro Tour is a longterm project in which we'll delve into the competitive MTG scene and track how much a player can improve in 365 days and what he can achieve if he takes advantage of every possible resource available on the web. Every single match in the stated time frame will be used as data in a spreadsheet and from that dataset there will be some statistics done to follow the progress.


I decided to do this project because of my personal wish to become a better tournament player and in the hopes of a potential pro tour invite as an end result. Magic: The Gathering is a game with an awesome community and I want to give back to it in the form of a project that combines the average FNM player and the competitive MTG scene and showcases a potential road for success.



We will put a strong emphasize on learning/gaining knowledge. Each week I'll recommend the best articles and/or podcasts that I've found that week. As we'll progress through the year a page will be dedicated to create a knowledge bank where all resources used in this project will be linked to so that everyone has access to them.


Nothing can be accomplished without dedicated practice and because of this I will practice as much as possible, playing in at least one league per day and when we hit a certain match win % I will play in every premier event of that format. Each game will be used as a learning experience and all data acquired during the game will be used as a helping tool to evaluate our progress.


You can't win every time but you can learn every time and we'll take advantage of this with self-reflection and we will reflect on the past week each Wednesday. On stream or/and in a podcast we will go through the whole week and point out mistakes made that week and how/why we'd fix them. We encourage discussion and different points of view. Every road can take two or more different paths and neither of those is the wrong choice if you can argument why you choose that choice.